Other Work

That Time I Interviewed Bjork – I presented the radio program Fat Planet on FBi Radio and ABC Double J for many years in the 00s and 10s, and this interview was the highlight. Talking on the (crackly) phoneline to Bjork in Reykjavík about Utopia, Tinder and slapstick comedy. You can find other Fat Planet interviews on this link too, including Sudan Archives, Miho Hatori, Lindstrom, Amon Tobin, Noga Erez and  more. Interviews with Fever Ray and The Bug featured in spin-off podcast, Slang Tang, and are archived here.

That Time I Interview Grant Morrison – I guest-presented the FBi program Out Of The Box, really just as an excuse to gas with fellow Weegie and all-round comics LEGEND Grant Morrison.

A Vessel For Wishes – I make music and sound art on occasion, under many different aliases, released through my label, A Vessel For Wishes.

Freak Wave – a nine-part podcast series featuring mutant music from around the world. Fat Planet‘s ugly, angry cousin.

Soundtrack For An Imaginary Australia – a mix for FBi Radio’s Sunday Night At The Movies.

The Story of Broken Hill – a seven-part video series about the people and places of one of Australia’s greatest towns; featuring interviews with artists, petrol heads, shed enthusiasts and the guy that runs the Mad Max II Museum (note, not the Mad Max Museum, but the Mad Max II Museum).

Music For Merce – a mixtape tribute to the late Merce Cunningham, one of the finest choreographers and dancers of his generation. I was lucky enough to meet him briefly at his apartment in NYC, shortly before he passed away, and it’s a cup of tea I will never forget.

Made Of Wood And Wire – A Compilation For The Lifted Brow – Wood And Wire was a netlabel that I ran for a few years. This is the perfect primer, featuring work from many releases, curated for The Lifted Brow‘s Music issue.

Repercussions - A 22-episode series investigating connections in electronic music, past, present and future, broadcast on FBi’s digital station, FBi Click. Episodes focused on genres (shangaan electro, instrument grime), artists (Flying Lotus, Mark Bell), seminal albums (Entroducing, Dummy, Selected Ambient Works II) and guests selectors including Young Fathers and Seekae.

Unfinished Music No.4: Three Phase Peace by Yoko Ono with Delia Derbyshire and Else Marie Pade - I wrote the sleeve notes for an imaginary album for an exhbition curated by Amanda Kaye in Katoomba. The artist Ben Tankard drew the cover art.

Unpopular Music - a three-year series of annual live events raising funds for Sydney community radio station, FBi Radio. You can find  recordings from 2009 and 2010, and a compilation primer for the 2011 event, on New Weird Australia.

Three Heads Meet Messmer And Koo Koo – a 45-minute mix featuring Australian post-punk, industrial and proto-electronic from 1979-1983, on the occasion of Scattered Order’s ‘reformation’ gig in 2009.

The Foundation For Art In Zero Gravity - lying in the gutters, looking at the stars.